Department of Social Welfare and Development

Donation of food, clothing, medicine and equipment for relief and recovery and other disaster management and recovery-related supplies.


  • Non-profit, welfare, religious, and charitable organizations which are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and duly licensed/ accredited by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), as provided for in Section 105 (1) of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines;
  • Government agencies including local government units may also receive donations, in cash or in kind, from foreign sources for purposes relevant to their functions. The acceptance of donations from foreign governments is, however, subject to prior clearance and approval of the President of the Philippines upon recommendation of the Secretary of Foreign Affairs (General Provisions of the General appropriations Act).


Other organizations not licensed or accredited by DSWD, Department of Health (DOH), and DECS may also receive donations but they will be required to pay customs duties and taxes.


The recipient organization is usually expected to shoulder the cost of the following:

  • Shipment cost from port of origin to port of entry.
  • Arrastre and wharfage charges.
  • Trucking fees to transport cargo from the container yard to the recipient/ consignee’s warehouse.
  • Customs brokerage fees, if services of a customs broker or a brokerage firm is availed of.


If the recipient is not in a financial position to defray the aforementioned fees, the donor should be made aware that other fees/ charges will be collected on the donations upon arrival of the shipment in the Philippines.

  • Legal Basis
  • Import Permit / Clearance / Certification
  • Importation
  • Contact

Legal Basis is given to the Department of Socail Welfare and Development to regulate this commodity via Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines - Section 105.

Documentary Requirements Procedure Lead Time Processing Fee

Management and Processing of Donations Under TCCP

To facilitate the issuance of certification for duty free entry of foreign donations, the registered, licensed and/or accredited SWDA applicant shall submit three (3) copies of the following documents to the concerned DSWD Office of assessment at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled arrival of donations in the country:

  1. a. Authenticated Deed of Donation from the Philippine Consular Office of the country of origin, with the accompanying certificate as to fitness of food for consumption and compliance with the country of origin’s sanitary standards
  2. b. A separate Notarized Deed of Acceptance
  3. c. Copy of valid DSWD Registration, License and/or Accreditation Certificate
  4. d. Shipping documents such as original and/or duly certified true copy of Bill of Lading or Air Way Bill and Packing List
  5. e. Plan of Distribution/Utilization
  6. f. In case of medicines, a certification of the DOH-Food and Drug Administration that the commodities are allowed for free distribution and use by intended beneficiaries without the need of a prior prescription and that these are safe for human consumption
  7. g. Notarized distribution report on the latest shipment previously received by the applicant
  8. h. In case of relief items other than food and medicines, proof or prior agreements or approved arrangements with appropriate government agencies.

Revised Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP)

Section 1205. Importations by the Government provides that “Except those provided for in the Section One Hundred and Five of said Code, all importations by the government for its own use or that of its subordinated branches or instrumentalities, or corporations, agencies, or instrumentalities owned or controlled by the government, shall be subject to duties, taxes, fees, and other charges provided for in this Code.

Foreign Donations under TCCP (Standard Bureau)

  1. 1. SWDA applies for duty free entry of goods
  2. 2. DSWD-FO assesses application for endorsement to DSWD-CO Standards Bureau
  3. 3. DSWD-CO Standards Bureau assesses/ approves endorsment letter and application of NGO
  4. 4. DSWD Office of the Secretary approves the endorsement. Forwards copy to DSWD Admin for transmittal to DOF
  5. 5. DSWD Admin Service transmits endorsement to DOF and SWDA
  6. 6. DSWD team witnesses release and escorts goods from BOC to SWDA warehouse
  • Section 105 (l) of TCCP: Three (3) days
  • Presidential Memorandum Order (PMO) No.36: Three (3) days
  • General Appropriations Act (GAA) : Three (3) days
  • One-Stop-Shop (OSS) : One (1) day

Section 105 (l) of TCCP: Php1,000.00

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