Cooperative Development Authority

Machinery, Equipment And Spare Parts For The Exclusive Use Of The Electric Cooperatives

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1. Letter of Endorsement for Certificate of Non- Local Availability to Bureau of Import ServicesSee sample here.
2. Certificate of Good Standing.See sample here.

Documentary Requirements Procedure Lead Time Processing Fee

Document Requirements:

  1. 1. The Electric Cooperatives shall provide the following documents for the Importation Validation needed for the Endorsement Letter for the Non- Local Availability Certificate
    1. a. Bill of lading
    2. b. Airway Bill
    3. c. Parcel Post Notice and other shipping documents
    4. d. Commercial Invoice and Packing List
  2. 2. Requirements for Certificate of Good Standing
    1. a. Letter of Request Signed by the Cooperative Chairman or any authorized representative
    2. b. Proof of Compliance to statutory reports for the preceding fiscal year
    3. c. Copy of the updated bond of accountable officers/employees
    4. d. Minutes of the General Assembly Meeting for the current/preceding year including the results of the election of Board of Directors and the Committee Members. In case of newly built cooperatives , minutes of the general assembly held within 90 days after the date of registration
    5. e. Certification Fee
  1. a. The cooperative shall inform NEA through the EC’s Regional Manager of its importation for validation/evaluation as to the necessity of said importation in the implementation of the EC’s electrification project. In this connection, the EC shall submit copies of the necessary import documents such as bill of lading, airway bill, parcel post notice or other shipping documents, commercial invoice and packing list, and other relevant documents covering the shipment.
  2. b. The NEA shall transmit/endorse the EC’s request to CDA informing them on the outcome of the evaluation taken by NEA’s Technical Sector Group and further advising them on action to be taken.
  3. c. CDA based on the findings, recommendations made by NEA will subsequently endorse the application to the Board of Investments (BOI) or Bureau of Import Services (BIS) for the issuance of Certificate of Non-Local Availability, or that the same is not restricted or prohibited.
  4. d. After the BOI or BIS has completed its evaluation of the application, it will issue Certificate of Non-Local Availability, or certify that the machinery, equipment and spare parts are not restricted or prohibited. The importation documents shall be forwarded by the said Office to the Revenue Operations Group of the Department of Finance for their own evaluation and final approval.
  5. e. For monitoring purposes, the CDA and NEA shall conduct a joint post inspection to ensure that the machinery, equipment and spare parts are exclusively used by the electric cooperatives.
  6. f. A violation of the privilege accorded by RA 6938 shall be a ground for the cancellation or suspension of the privileges to import machinery, equipment and spare parts. The penalty of suspension or cancellation of the privilege shall be without prejudice to whatever administrative, civil or criminal liability that may be imposed by the appropriate government agency, or appropriate courts arising from said breach.

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